Car parking equipment vertical circulation rotary parking system smart

How it works:

Each space in the operation box has a corresponding button and an indicator light. To take a parking car, just press the corresponding parking button, the device will automatically selects a direction with the shortest route to run. After getting in position the car will automatically stop. The indicator lights of selected parking space lightens , the car automatically shuts down after arriving at getting-off plate. The driver enter the garage, drive the car out, carrying out the next instruction operation.

Features :

PCX8D Parking System using light steel structure, computer control system, has the advantages of space saving, large capacity, stable mechanical performance, convenient installation and operation, strong adaptability, safely parking, anti-theft, convenient dismounting and moving, smooth operation, reliable, long life and many other advantages. It also has low noise, low energy consumption, low price, high yield characteristics, which is the preferred parking equipment of enterprises and institutions, hospitals, communities, apartments.