CEO Curriculum vitae

Quyunxia, female, June 1965,

work experience
From 1986 to 2000, Shandong Yantai Gold Machinery Factory was responsible for the production management, quality inspection and design of mining machinery.
From 2000 to 2008, Beijing Hongan Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. and Huabei Tianyuan Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. were responsible for the design.
From 2008 to 2012, Qingdao Jinhua Industrial Group and  Qingdao Desiree Group Equipment Co., Ltd.  were responsible for the design and audit of three-dimensional parking garage.
2012-now, self-employed, Qingdao Tabitha Parking Equipment Co., Ltd., CEO;

Job performance
Six patented inventions, (2014-2024, 2015-2025), improve performance, reduce costs and enhance aesthetics.
Four years experience in general staff, Qingdao Jinhua Industrial Group, Qingdao Deshengli Group, general staff of three-dimensional parking enterprises.
Four papers were published, Journal of Mining Machinery
Third Prize for Design of Gold Industry in Shandong Province (Mold Design)
Excellent Design Award
Transaction level

Self evaluation
Strong ability of new product development, product improvement and technological innovation;
Rich experience in mechanical design, technical management, production management and quality control;
Ability to solve practical production technical problems on site;

educational background
He graduated from Shandong Agricultural Mechanization College in July 1986 with a bachelor degree.
In 1999, he was promoted to Senior Engineer of Machinery.

Six patented inventions:
A manual unlocking device for two-column parking equipment.
Rotary Disk Device of Automobile Rotary Disk
Rotary Disk Drive Device for Automobile
Double-Layer Chain Drive for Parking Equipment
A Simple Table Plate for Lifting Parking Equipment
A Simple Lifting Parking Equipment

Honorary certificate

               Excellent thesis certificate                Technological innovation award              Technological innovation award              Scientific innovation award

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