Geographical Advantage

The company is close to Qingdao port, which is the seventh largest port in the world and the second largest foreign trade port in China. It trades with more than 450 ports in more than 130 countries and regions. The company is located in the industrial base of parking equipment production in China, where there is a good industrial supply chain.

Technical Advantage

Our company has a wide variety of parking systems, with the industry's top engineers, you can customize parking space.We mainly produce car lift ,puzzle parking system,Easy parking system,turntable,vertical lifting parking systemstacking parking system ,circulation parking system and plane moving  parking system as well.


Ms. Quyunxia, CEO of the company, founded Tabitha parking equipment Co,Ltd in Qingdao, China in 2012.

Provide Quality Solutions

Please tell us your product requirements and provide the site drawings.

We will issue a detailed and reasonable high-quality plan as soon as possible.

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For the future

We will upgrade our products according to the time and your requirements.

We provide different configuration of product types, you can upgrade the product as needed.

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Easy to install and maintain

Our company will provide detailed product instructions for the installation and maintenance of products.

After-sales service

We will regularly follow up the use of products, you have any questions can contact us online or email.