Underground and Overground puzzle parking

Underground and Overground puzzle parking


Puzzle parking

Product Introduction

Type: Carport

Brand Name: Tabitha

Warranty: 5 Years

Drive Mode: Motor

Material: Steel

Certification: CE Approved

Technical features

Working principle
Utilize the lifting and sliding of the car loading plate to access vehicle. Its working principle is: each parking space contains a car plate to reach the ground floor by lifting, lowering and sliding movement so that the driver is able to enter the garage and get access to the car. The top and the underground floor is full parking, only lifting movement is needed for them. The remaining floors are required to leave an empty shift for both sliding and lifting movement. The ground floor only have sliding movement. The only thing for user to do is to insert a card or push a button, and the whole process is automatically done by the controlling system. 

Standard drawings

technical parameter


product details

Packaging Details

1. Iron frame to fix equipment
2. All structures fixed on the frame by screws
3. All electric wires and motor put into carton
4. Iron frame and carton will be covered by stretch film
5. Each package will twine three stretch film to prevent water
6. During the unloading, please use forklift(4 ton capacity)to unload the iron frame

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